Why is Singapore the best place to live in?

The success story behind Singapore was owing to the blood, sweat and tears of our pioneer generation who came from different races to build something called their own. Behind these transformations of our sovereign city, we can still find traces of our British colonization. These infrastructures are preserved as part of our history to enable our people with an opportunity to reminisce and remind ourselves how we can continuously contribute and shape our country. In Singapore, we are committed to upholding a common shared value of multiculturalism and openness. This promotes our cultural identity in Singapore to ensure that our people are able to coexist in harmony despite our differences. Singaporeans share a common language and values that allow foreigners to adapt quickly in our society.  With our deep and diverse cultural heritage, you will be able to find a variety of physical and cultural mix.  

World Class Financial Hub

While Singapore is known to be a little red dot in the world, she has paved herself to be one of the world-leading financial hubs. With the additional measures of the bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) which comprises the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the European Union Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA). Such policies have created many opportunities for many multinational corporations to leverage and invest their business in Singapore. Of course, to be entitled to such FTA policies, the regional value chain has to be structured to the country with an existing strategic partner and network. With our government’s consistent effort to support the research innovation and enterprise in 2020, Singapore has set aside a sum of 19 billion to promote the growth in different sectors. This is a supportive initiative to encourage the establishment of newer start-ups.

Good housing infrastructure and connectivity

Despite the high-density population of 5.5 million in Singapore, the government is prudent in its development and ensures that the people’s quality of living is not compromised. Since Singapore’s colonial days, public housing has been established to combat the restriction of space to ensure Singaporeans can enjoy an affordable and comfortable housing estate. Today almost all of our housing estates are situated within walking distances facilities such as community centres, malls, parks and even transport systems. You will be amazed by the connectivity of our transport systems as it provides a total of 157 stations and serves a total of 3.3 million commuters in a single day. Additionally, with the agreement signed between Malaysia and Singapore, our green city has since then been able to provide a steady supply of filter water to allow the people in Singapore the luxury to enjoy a good supply of clean water through the clean water technology (NE-water) that filters these impurities from our drinking taps.

Safety, Political Stability

According to the newest edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Index, Singapore has earned its position as the world’s second safest city through its ability to defend its infrastructure against cyber-attacks, natural disasters and crime rates. With its high digital security in the country, it can definitely provide a peace of mind for your worried soul. This allows businesses and investors to gain confidence in the country allowing more opportunities for better employment rates.


In a nutshell, Singapore is a city that is highly sought after by many foreigners to create a livelihood that provides them with stability and opportunities. Through the years of relocation, many may end up staying here longer than expected due to the given benefits of our lion city. Well, if you happen to be a foreigner considering a relocation or have been here for some time, why not convert yourself to a PR to enhance your perks in Singapore? In Kenneth & Co., we will be able to provide you with a wholesome guide on how to increase your success chances as a Singaporean PR.