The Dos and Don’ts when applying for Permanent Residence in Singapore

While the steps to applying for a PR may seem overwhelming and daunting, a little mistake in the government application might cost you a missed opportunity for approval. Thus, we have consolidated a guide – the 6 to-dos for you to ensure that you submit the right documents.

  1. Do make sure you are eligible 

The following groups are eligible to apply as Permanent Residents (PR). 

  • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen / Singapore PR
  • Unmarried child below 21: born in the context of a legal marriage to, or have been adopted by a Singapore Citizen or PR
  • Aged parent of a Singapore Citizen 
  • An EP/SP holder 
  • A student studying in Singapore 
  • Foreign investor in Singapore 

Note: A Work Pass holder will not be eligible to apply for Permanent Resident. 

  1. Do consolidate all documents properly and accurately 

If you are keen to proceed with the Permanent residency application and you happen to fall in the above group, you will first be required to compile all your documents accurately and precisely in Singapore’s official language – English. It is also crucial for you to stick to the ICA requirements stated on the official administrative website. This helps to ensure the accuracy of the documents submitted.  

Feel free to download the following checklist to ensure that you have all the required documents. 

  1. Do present yourself as an ideal candidate 

(Photo credit: Straits times) 

With the slew of benefits that a Singaporean PR can enjoy every year, there are tens and thousands of foreigners vying for a spot to become a Singaporean Permanent Resident. It is integral for you to present yourself as an ideal candidate to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Ideally, you should apply for your permanent residency together with your family as this shows your commitment to the government that you are ready to sink your roots in Singapore. If you happen to be making an individual application, highlight the contributions that you have made and how you have effectively assimilated into the Singaporean society to exemplify your potential to integrate well into the Singapore culture. 

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  1. Do not provide false information 

With that said, this does not mean that one should resort to underhand measures to present yourself as an ideal candidate. The application (or even re-application) process might be gruelling for some, but providing any form of false information will result in severe consequences. Any falsified information about your application will be nullified and considered as a form of fraudulence. Of which, the government will also be able to take legal actions upon you. Here is a reference case of a former China tour guide Yang Yin, who has faked and lied his way to obtain Singapore permanent residency, was later sentenced to two years and two months in jail. (Source: Straits Times) Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all information you have provided is accurate and truthful. 

  1. Do not stall. 

Age plays a critical role in your application. It is a known fact that Singapore has an ageing population. To mitigate the fallback of the younger generation, the government is actively looking to bridge the declining gap. Therefore, in general, you stand a significantly higher chance of getting approval. Based on our experiences, the highest success rates for PR are those aged between 25-40 years old. However, it is also notable that while a younger applicant can contribute more to society’s growth, an applicant who is older will also be considered fairly based on their expertise, work experience and contributions to Singapore’s economy. Equal opportunities are given based on the applicant’s merits and contributions. No matter what age group you belong to, we still do recommend you to apply for your PR as early as possible to boost your chances! 

  1. Do not worry. 

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