Singapore and its war against Covid-19

This tumultuous period that we live in today is an indication of the importance of securing a better future for you and your loved ones. Singapore, like any other countries, has also been adversely affected by Covid-19. The economy has suffered a blow, with many companies facing retrenchment and budget cuts. The society likewise, has also remained stagnant, especially so during the Circuit Breaker period where Singaporeans abided by the Stay-at-home order and cordon sanitaire. 

Then, what makes – living in Singapore any different from elsewhere? Below are some reasons which might further compel you to reside permanently in Singapore. 

  1. 1. Healthcare

The healthcare system in Singapore is often looked upon by its neighbours. With the government efforts to maintain a well funded and universal public healthcare system, many Singaporeans have always benefited from these schemes. Majority of Singaporeans have also enjoyed heavily subsidised healthcare costs provided directly by the government. Additionally, Singaporeans are allowed to pay their hospital bills partially through their mandatory CPF contribution that they have accumulated over the years.

With its consistent efforts to preserve the high standards in the healthcare industry, Singapore has since then become more prepared when a new pandemic strikes. Due to the current COVID-19 measures, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has implemented a comprehensive medical strategy quickly to ensure that every infected individual receives immediate treatment. The aggressive swab testing arranged for every foreign worker was in light to combat the high dormitories COVID-19 numbers – curbing the spread in this infectious disease. 

Besides, the government has also ramped up its efforts for its people by covering the hefty hospital bills for the infected patients to ensure that the people are well accounted for during these unprecedented times. However, this support applies only to the Singaporeans, Permanent residents and long term pass holders. In an endeavour to increase their ability to provide for the patients, public hospitals have increased availability as well as acquiring more medical equipment to support its patients. With these supplementing efforts from the government, SIngapore residents were fortunate enough to enjoy these benefits. 

The impact of Covid-19 is beyond a health crisis, it is also an economic complexity. Hence, the government has also rolled out several initiatives to alleviate the problem. 

2. Employment

Job support scheme (JSS) 

The JSS was launched at the initial stage of the pandemic to help firms to retain their employees by covering the employee’s wages up to March 2021. This helps to offset the firm’s cost and prevent local employees from losing their jobs during this economic downturn. 

2. SG united traineeships 

SGUnited Traineeships Programme has provided fresh graduates from various educational institutions with traineeship opportunities in a year to a plethora of industries. Such programmes increase the competency of Singaporean’s fresh graduates by equipping them with the relevant skills-sets and necessary experience amidst this weak hiring period. The host organisations will also be receiving government funding for the programme, whilst gaining a pool of talents from the universities, thus benefiting both parties. About 2,800 companies have stepped up to offer over 19,000 traineeships for new graduates, as part of initiatives to help them enter the workforce. In turn this allows them to stand a good chance in landing into a permanent role when the hiring demand picks up. 

3. Effective governance

The government has implemented target measures quickly and effectively since the pandemic, even cited by New York Times as the “model to emulate”.  In its direct efforts to contain the outbreak, the crux of the government’s strategies was to slow down infection rate through three-pronged stages. These measures revolve around reducing the importation of cases while detecting and isolating potential covid-19 patients. In the meantime, the government has also implemented several schemes swiftly to aid business owners to tide through this period – giving businesses an additional leap of faith to reinvent/repurpose their business model. Employees retrenched were also supported by grants to upskill themselves. 

Credit: EDB

Indeed, the strong mandate and good governance have served as a strong pillar in Singapore’s fight against covid-19. The government has gained success and respect through its transparency and efficiency while dealing with the current pandemic numbers. Through the unity of the Singapore nation, it was no surprise the covid-19 cases were able to reach a low number in months. 

Applying for PR during Covid  

It is undoubtedly a trying time that one should seize an opportunity during this period of adversity. Contrary to many peoples’ popular belief, applying for your permanent residence during this time does not equate to a lower chance. In reality, there are almost no changes in the ICA’s quotas or policy – many application reviews are still ongoing. Whilst, it might even be a less competitive period as many foreigners are hesitant and reluctant to proceed with their application due to their uncertain employment or a hast intention to relocate back to their hometown. 

Moreover, luck is in your favour if you happen to belong to one of Singapore’s essential industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. With the visible impacts of the pandemic, these industries made growing importance to the current society. Hence, talents like yourself will be able to contribute to the Singapore economy by supplementing the local workforce with your expertise. Nevertheless, for those who are not working in the industries we have stated above, there is still a fair opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge of your application by emphasising on your years of contribution.

If you are still feeling hesitant about your Permanent residency application, feel free to stay in touch with our professional consultants to evaluate and increase your chances of getting a PR application approved.