Is Equality for all in Singapore?

Quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”. Indeed, Singapore has always strived to provide equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, language or religion – enhancing unity in the people. 

[Gender equality]

Singapore has made rapid progress in achieving gender equality in society. Through our collective efforts over the years, we can see a vast improvement in gender equality issues. In recent years, the labour force participation rate (LFPR) for women was about 61.1 per cent, according to the latest labour force survey released by the Ministry of Manpower in January 2019. Additionally, in the same year, the United Nations Human Development Report has ranked Singapore one of the top 11th out of the 162 countries in terms of gender equality. 

Even in the political arena where men have always outnumbered women, women occupy 28 out of 95 seats in the parliament. This comes as no surprise that Singapore has ranked 1st in terms of the proportion of women employed with advanced degrees in the 2020 Global Innovation Index. 

[Social Mobility]

Meritocracy serves as a principle in Singapore. A key reason for improving social mobility here in Singapore. In recent research conducted by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum, Singapore is ranked 20th out of 82 countries, especially excelled in health (7th), education access (8th), education quality (4th) and lifelong learning (3rd) as well as technology (15th) dimensions that aid social mobility. No matter the social status, there will be an equal opportunity for all to receive healthcare, education and employment in Singapore. Furthermore, the government has also implemented programmes to aid intergenerational social mobility. The Workfare Income Supplement aids low-wage workers in boosting retirement savings and coping with the payment of taxes. The Singapore system will hence continue to strive and make social mobility a reality for all. 

[Racial Harmony]

Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country largely made up of the ethnic Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians. With the progressive economy, different skill sets in demand are ever changing. Singapore has also recognised the need to bring in foreign professionals to plug skills gaps and supply shortages. This helps to attract high-value activities in Singapore necessary for the creation and sustainability of jobs. The employment of such foreign talents has allowed an increase in the diversity of our races. 

After five decades of independence, Singapore has also become more adept in maintaining harmony in the society, which has allowed its residents to live together as one united nation despite the differences that exist. Since the nation-building years, the government has put in place measures to ensure that Singapore remains an equal society. For instance, our Constitution guarantees the right of every person to embrace and practise his religion freely. Furthermore, racial quotas in public housing has also been implemented to ostensibly prevent the formation of ethnic ghettos. Multiracialism has also shaped `numerous national policies, ranging from education to housing and politics, among others.  


As we project our future, we can expect that Singapore will only become increasingly inclusive. The government has long been committed to investing progressively in our people, society,  estates and workplace for all. Being part of us would mean, despite your age, gender, race or your religion, you will be presented with relatively good equal opportunities in your various aspects of life.

To account for the preservation of Singapore’s heritage, this would mean that foreigners who are looking to apply for your Permanent Residence (PR) would have to blend into our existing social integration. It will be highly advantageous if you belong to the major races in Singapore or have been well assimilated into the society. To know more about how to elevate your chances when applying for PR in Singapore, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and embark on this wonderful journey ahead in Singapore.