How do you ensure your data is safe?

Valuing our client’s privacy has always been our top priority. To uphold such security standards, we  devised a cyber-security strategy for our company:

  1. Equip all our employees with basic security policies.

Inadvertently, employees are vulnerable to breaches if you do not equip them with the right tools and knowledge. In Kenneth & Co, all our employees undergo courses to learn the basics in  cybersecurity measures. It includes encryption of all our clientele’s documents with strong passwords. Additionally, we enforce appropriate internet guidelines that detail penalties for violating any company cybersecurity policies. 

  1. Secure Wifi Networks with firewall and Antivirus softwares 

To ramp up our security measures further, we also limited the authority to install any third-party softwares (Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) Every employee must use a unique password and change it every three months with a 2-factor authentication as double-wall protection together with a VPN enabled laptop when working from home. 

Our machines have been downloaded with the latest security software, web browser and operating system to defend against viruses and malware – minimising the risk of cybertheft. All information stored in our internal server layer multiple security levels to avoid the misuse of the information collected. 

With these security measures in place, we are confident that our clients can entrust us with the permanent resident application wholeheartedly without feeling worried about the information collected. Contact us if you are interested in applying for a Singapore Permanent Resident, a free assessment will be provided. 

Note: All Candidate cases will be evaluated upon consultation with our consultants, if deemed ineligible, we regret to inform you that your application will not be considered by our agency.