5 pro-tips to perfect your cover letter for your PR application

A cover letter acts as your first form of communication with the Singapore immigration officer. The cover letter is an opportunity for you to increase your chances to stand out amongst the vast pool of candidates applying for a Singaporean PR.  In the pointers below, you will learn how to craft a cover letter that will boost your chances at approval.

*Do note that this article was based on our extensive research throughout the years of our experience. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated immigration executive. 

  1. Salutations and Introductions 

As simple as it sounds, a professional cover letter should revolve around your tonality. It is customary to address the “Controller of Immigration” directly in your cover letter as this gives off a good impression that you are aware of your target audience. As a formality, you should also include your full name and date at the header. Additionally, briefly introduce the key factors of your background and the rationale behind your application for permanent residence here in Singapore as an overview. 

  1. Qualifications and Expertise 

With our nation progressing forward, Singapore is looking to boost talents in its niche industries. Applicants who possess the appropriate industrial knowledge to fill the gaps in the workforce may have an added advantage. It is hence beneficial for you to highlight your expertise, qualifications and recognitions to elevate your chances. As Singapore is looking to grow its digital, med-tech, biotech, agri-tech, fintech through the advancement of technology, talented professionals with skills in frontier technology and engineering sectors may stand a higher chance in their application. 

  1. Financial Stability and Contribution

You should also include your income in the cover letter to demonstrate that you are financially stable. Being economically independent proves that you can take care of yourself and your dependents in Singapore, which will be a plus point in your application. Furthermore, your financial sustainability would also imply that you can contribute to the Singapore economy.

  1. Commitment 

The ageing population is a challenge that Singapore faces.  Showing your commitment towards a long term residency here in Singapore will be a boon for the country, especially if you have (or intend to have) children who will be proud to call Singapore their home too. Your interest to apply for permanent residence as a family unit will further boost your application chances as this conforms with Singapore’s notion of an ideal society. For individuals applying for PR, the bonds and friendships forged are also indicators of your level of integration into society. 

  1. Strong Wrap-up

We recommend finishing your cover letter with an impactful statement on how you can contribute to Singapore’s society. Since this is your final chance to make a lasting impression, make it count. It will be unnecessary to repeat your achievements and your past contributions. Instead, try expressing your sincere interest and objective behind the application for your permanent residency. You might also wish to share how you can better assimilate into our culturally diverse society. 

While these pointers serve as guidelines, you might wish to consult our experts for help to eliminate all doubt. Arrange for a consultation with us today at: https://calendly.com/kenneth-co