5 Pro Tips to boost your Singaporean PR Application chances

Singapore has one of the smallest populations globally, yet, with its conducive environment for living, working and investing, there is an ever-growing demand for its Permanent Residence and Citizenship. Despite which, the nation has reduced the acceptance rate of Permanent Residents (PR) to about 30,000 annually, with an increasing number of applicants rejected. It is no surprise that there are many distressed applicants out there who are at their wit’s end due to the sheer number of applicants per year, coupled with the tightening of the quota. Below are some tips to ensure a smoother route on your journey in becoming a permanent residency in Singapore: 

  1. Ensure all necessary documents are checked off 

Do you have too many documents to prepare? Or rather, are you worried about missing any documents out? Fret not, Kenneth & Co have collated a consolidated check-list below to ensure that you’ve not left out any documents you are required to submit. Please note that all must be completed accurately and in Singapore’s official language – English.

  1. Apply as a family 

If your spouse and or children are not Permanent Residents in Singapore, it is strongly encouraged to apply for your permanent residency here together. Since ICA takes into account your commitment of sinking your roots here, it might help to boost your application chances. Furthermore, with the foundation of Singapore’s ageing population, this might help alleviate the problem. By applying together as a family unit, this might help you conform to the Singaporean’s notion of an ideal society, thus increasing your approval chances.

Note: While being a Singapore Permanent Resident gives you plenty of benefits and rights, the government will also have the power to enforce “responsibilities”, i.e. mandatory national service by the age of 18. 

  1. Present yourself as an ideal candidate 

It is crucial to present yourself as ideally as possible in your attached cover letter during the application – allowing you to stand out among a massive candidature, which you can do so by emphasizing on the following factors. 

[Social contribution]

The authorities are looking for individuals who are keen to contribute/ have contributed to Singapore’s society. In your cover letter, it will be ideal to be presenting yourself as an individual who has made considerable contributions to the community. Such activities are not limited to taking part in community activities and volunteering at pet shelters or elderly homes etc. However, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you can also contribute to the economy in your ways by providing jobs and internships for Singaporeans. With a better contribution to Singapore, it may show your dedication that you are serious about your relocation.

[Social integration and inclusivity]

As what PM Lee has once stated: “Singapore is a rare and precious example of a multi-racial, multilingual and multi-religious society where people live harmoniously together”.  It is a privilege to be able to enjoy the peace and harmony in the society which many Singaporean appreciate. Hence it is a critical factor for our applicants to be able to accommodate and blend into the social and racial context in Singapore when residing here in Singapore. Our official language besides English consists of our other four key races – Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. Hence, by taking language courses to highlight and assimilate your application. Additionally, an individual could join Singapore’s social clubs and council to mend the cultural difference. 


Meritocracy fills every aspect of Singapore’s society, yet, for one application to stand out – it may be the right time to flaunt your awards and achievements that you have attained for the duration you have been in Singapore. If you have received recognition and recommendation in your workplace or even in your daily life, it could be wise for you to use it as a means to present yourself as an ideal candidate to reside in Singapore. 

[Duration of stay]

In general, the longer you have stayed in Singapore, the higher are your chances of getting your PR application approved. This is because you will have achieved a better understanding of the Singaporean society and blend in well after living here for a long period of time. In the eyes of ICA, this acts as an individual commitment to sink your roots here and to stay here for an even longer period of time. 

  1. Reapply after a period of time

If this isn’t your first try applying for a Permanent residency in Singapore? It may be best-advised for you to re-apply for your Permanent Residency at least half a year after receiving your rejection letter. To re-apply your application immediately after failing the first try may not be as beneficial for yourself. As said, this could be because the short period may not be able to prove the changes and difference in your initial rejections. Thus, it could be better if you could use the time to strengthen and buffer up the colours to your application. In order words, you can turn your application to become more compelling. (Refer to point 3)

  1. Consultancy service often elevate your chances of PR application 

There is absolutely no obligation to engage a consultancy service when applying for your Permanent Residence. However, many wish to do so because of the higher likelihood of approval. In many cases of failure, the applicants are often unfamiliar with the Permanent residency process hence might be prone to lose an opportunity of securing your placement here in Singapore. With our years of experience, our consultants are professional to pick out the potential problem that might risk your application chances. At Kenneth & Co, we committed to alleviating your problems by curating solutions that cater to your unique application profile. Of which, we are keen to increase the probability of your application chances together by providing you with materials that could beef your application profile.

We understand that the road to applying for a Permanent Residence can be arduous and taxing. However, we hope Kenneth & Co was able to offer some help with the tips aforementioned.

Please note that all information is correct at time of publication. The information provided is based on our own longstanding experience and market research, which might differ from application to application. We do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.  For the latest facts and updates, do follow our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Wechat) 

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