5 Kids-friendly Places to bring your child over the weekends

While Singapore might be a tiny red dot to some, the island is bustling with activities for you and your kids! If your little ones have been bugging you to bring them to somewhere fun and exciting over the weekend, this might be just the article for you, as we have prepared a guide on 5 kids-friendly places that your child will love. With covid measures easing out on the coming 21 June, we hope everyone will continue to remain safe while enjoying the various activities packed in our island. 

[National Gallery]

Photo credit: Little Day Out

Firstly you might want to immerse your child in a creative learning environment with a wide range of historical-artistic learning programmes. Conveniently situated in the heart of the Civic District, the National Gallery is a must-visit museum for all. Its gallery sits a collection of art that peeks through the unique heritage and historical sight in Singapore. With over 8,000 art pieces showcased in the National Collection, you can expect to be surrounded by the creative voices of these renowned global artists. You might even be pleasantly surprised by the price tag of these exquisite art pieces. 

[Gallop Kranji Farm Resort]

Photo credits: Gallop Kranji Farm Resort

Next, formerly known as D’Kranji Farm Resort, sits a newly renamed Gallop Kranji Farm Resort. What better way for your child to spend their holidays than being around nature? Located in the Northwest part of our tiny country, it provides an all in one family staycation in their uniquely preserved kampong-like villas. If you are looking for an adventure to explore and experience the olden Singapore days, this might be just the right place for you and your kids. 

With a guided tour, you can now allow your child to see homegrown plantations such as vegetables, fruits and herbs, which are not a common sight in Singapore. Other activities include spending time prawning or bottle-feeding koi fishes. For those with extra-energetic kids, you can take them to the kampong-themed playground area. If that does not suffice, they also have a Birds Nest Museum that provides an educational experience for all ages, young and old.

[Cow Play Cow Moo]

(Photo Credit: Shout SG) 

Well, with all that said above, are you still looking for a way to keep your child happy and entertained? We have just found the right for you – Cow Play Cow Moo. It is one of the largest arcades in Singapore. You’ll never find a day boring in the arcade with games catering to both the young and old! Feel free to redeem your tickets in exchange for attractive prizes that they can keep as a memorable gift during the summer holidays. 

[Casa Verde @ Botanic Gardens]

(Photo credit: Casa Verde)

On top of that, if your kids are hungry after the intense arcade session, you can also explore the Casa Verde, also known as “GreenHouse” in Italian. It is a casual trattoria nestled within the lush greenery of the Botanic Gardens. Their menu offers a wide selection of dishes from both Singaporean and Western cuisine. It will be a marvellous experience dining amongst flora and fauna, not forgetting how you can also take a stroll in the UNESCO heritage site after a satisfying meal. 

[Wild Wild Wet]

(Photo credits: Wild Wild Wet)

Lastly, there is no other better way to beat the hot day in Singapore than to emerge yourself in the water of the water theme park. Wild Wild Wet is a large water park situated at the east of the country, promising a day of spills and thrills for your energetic young ones. The Kidz Zone is filled with exhilarating pint-sized versions of the big rides and designed to give the young ones a taste of the wilder world. The Professor’s Playground your kids can visit features a myriad of classic fixtures such as slides, ladders, water cannons and fountains. If you are looking for a fun weekend out, Wild Wild Wet should be one of your top choices. 


Singapore might be one of the smallest cities in the world, but packed with the 1001 things for you and your kids to play, eat and learn! There is no one boring weekend here, with so many activities to explore around the island. With the supreme education system, high security and fun activities, it sounds more than ideal for the young ones to be growing up here.

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