3 Crucial Factors that will improve your child’s education in Singapore

It is no doubt that education in this world today is one of the most vital aspects of life that guide the future in oneself. Yet you must be wondering, what exactly are some of the perks that the Singapore government could offer when you have applied a Singaporean PR for your child. Hands down, one of the most important social aspects will be the integration of your child to the Singaporean community, where they can forge tightly connected relationships and bonds. Furthermore, we will be uncovering the three crucial factors that might change your child’s educational experience and future. 

(Photo credit: TODAY Online) 

Perks of applying for Singaporean PR for your child 

  1. Higher chances of being enrolled in your ideal public school 

We are sure almost all parents would love to reserve only the best for their precious angels. Unfortunately, the top schools in Singapore are flooded with an influx of applications every year- making these schools more competitive to enter. The successful entrant for your child would require a balloting process to ensure fairness in the system. However so, these public top school priority admissions are only reserved for our Singaporean citizens, followed by our Permanent residents. Thus, the PR not only unlocks access to the elite schools giving your child a competitive edge while applying for your preferred school. It also enhances your child’s social development by allowing them to assimilate to Singapore’s culture while receiving a world-class education at an affordable price. 

  1. Lower school fees

Next, as a Singaporean PR, your child will be able to receive the world’s best education without incurring too much damage in your pockets. Here’s a comparison of the school fees between a Singaporean PR and an international student: 

(Source: Straits times)

We all know how a child’s education could accumulate its price to a hefty amount. It is vital to plan ahead of time while you can. The drastic difference between the two groups shows that you will be able to save a significant amount of money on your children’s education if your child is a Permanent Resident. If this doesn’t sound appealing enough, let’s continue to read on. 

  1. Scholarship eligibility

The local universities in Singapore are mostly recognised to be one of the top 100 institutes in the world. The competition has been increasingly high due to the increased advancement of globalisation where many locals and foreigners compete for the same spot. However, with the support of the Singapore government, scholarships are offered by the local universities and government to mediate the competition for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents living in Singapore. Prestigious scholarships offered by the Public Service Commission scholarship, NUS Global Merit Scholarship, etc. would not only imply lower tuition fees, but it also translates better job prospects in many governmental sectors. With a reputable educational degree, it opens the doors for opportunities. 


Based on the reasons aforementioned, it is indeed compelling for one to enable your kid to enjoy the privileged education system in Singapore, especially if you intend to reside here for a long while. Furthermore, being educated in Singapore also would mean that your child will have a higher chance of becoming a Singaporean citizen sooner. Thus, it will enable your child to a brighter future as more opportunities will be readily available for him or her without any additional worries. Education starts young, start leveraging on your perks of a permanent resident today!

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